The Forgotten Queen by Michaela Haze (#4)


Coming July 2018

There’s a place between Hell and Here.

It’s called Soul City, and only the damned inhabit it.
Henry Blaire has been searching for years for his lost love. Half mad and alone.

All she knows is a name, and she isn’t sure if it’s her own.
The words of an old tattoo on a body that she doesn’t recognise.

The Forgotten Queen is the fourth book in the Daemons of London series.



The Devil’s Equal by Michaela Haze (Book #3)


Coming June 2019

As the newly crowned Ruler of the Second Circle,
Dahlia Clark must discover what it means to be a mother, a fallen angel and a true Queen of Hell.

When her wedding is interrupted by a most unexpected guest,
Dahlia must work with her enemies to contain the blight of Madness
that is plaguing Hell and to keep the beasts under the surface from waking up.

Will Dahlia finally Soul Bond with Lucifer or will her connection with the Angel, Uriah, get in the way?

**The Devil’s Equal is the third instalment of the Devil’s Advocate series**

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