Fireheart (A Standalone Dark Paranormal Captive Romance) by Michaela Haze



Coming 25th February 2020

Available for pre-order

It started with a curse, and ended with a crown.

The last of the demon-enslaved Fae, Ryn Cole, is indentured to the King of Greed. Mammon.
Cursed by Dragons, before they fled Hell, Ryn is the King’s prisoner, servant, and Second in Command.

When Helena, a young Jewelry appraiser, finds herself in possession of a crown, made from no metal she has ever seen before, she is thrown into a world full of Demons, treasure and violence.

King Mammon is determined to have both the crown, and Helena.
Ryn wants nothing more than his freedom, and if he has to set Helena up to take his place as prisoner, so be it.

But Helena is worth far more to Ryn than he could ever know. She is the one person throughout the Worlds that can break his curse.

Will Helena be able to break the King’s stranglehold on his most powerful prisoner?
Will she want to, when she realises the extent of Ryn’s plan for her?

** Fire Heart is a standalone reverse harem paranormal, demon/fae shifter, urban fantasy romance novel**
**Contains: Bullying, captivity, sexual and physical abuse, M/M and MFM sex and Demons!*
(Fire Heart is a reverse harem, but does contain scenes of multiple partner sex. It is a Dark romance, set in captivity.)

Underdog (A Standalone MM Paranormal Romance) by Michaela Haze


Coming 8th June 2020

Available for pre-order

Luiz Ramirez was created by the Devil, stitched together from damned souls to become a Hellhound.
Having escaped the Devil by the skin of his teeth, his only option was to seek sanctuary and become a soul broker, giving people their dreams… One contract at a time.

When a dead hound is left outside of his office, all signs point to Vincent Rose, the local human herder.
Luiz is determined to solve the murder and find out who is responsible.
But Vincent Rose, insane and delicious, has other ideas about how to handle to curious hound…

**Contains scenes of violence and M/M sex**
** Underdog continues on from the The Devil’s Equal, but is a standalone novel. You do not need to have read The Devil’s Advocate series to enjoy**
Trigger warning: contains scenes of grief, death, and abuse.
Underdog is a gay romance with a HEA.

The Devil’s Lullaby by Michaela Haze (Book #2)

Coming December 2017


Before she died, Dahlia Clark had many titles.
Devil’s Consort.
Queen of the First Circle.
The Mother of the Devil’s Progeny.

She never expected ‘One of the Lord’s Chosen’ to be added to that list.
The ice prison took something vital from her. (No. Not her designer heels…)
Dahlia was torn from her daughter and her lover, Lucifer.
The war between Heaven and Hell be damned.
She’s going to get her life back and not even the Lord can stand in her way.

The Devil’s Lullaby is the next instalment in the Dahlia Clark series.