Review: Whispers and The Roars by K Webster


Whispers and the Roars by K Webster

 It’s a rare occurrence when I recommend a book to people with the notion that honestly, they would be better off not knowing anything about the plot as they dive into it.

 I  think that any spoilers would ruin this book beyond belief. The way that the first part and the character’s tie into the second part in such a twist, that you would never expect it, is simply brilliant. The amount of research K Webster has done on the subject matter is stunning and this book has amazing character establishment that I honestly can’t praise it enough.

 I will tell you the basic premise but to be honest, it makes this sound like its going to be a standard genre romance when honestly it isn’t.

Kady was abused as a child. Yeo, her childhood sweetheart, who she broke up with so she wouldn’t hold him back, is a newly qualified doctor and has come home to prove to his and Kady’s family that they really do belong together.

This novel is dark, romantic and desperate.

Fans of my book The Bleeders would honestly love it.

M x