Teeth to Rip & Tear (COVER/BLURB REVEAL) – A Standalone Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance


Once a year, when the wall between worlds is at its thinnest, the wild hunt rides…

Mallory McGowen knows that she should leave.
She knows that the next time her husband gets angry, he might actually kill her.
But leaving isn’t as easy as it sounds when your husband is a cop.

When judgment comes on the heels of the apocalypse, and the wild hunt rides through their rural town, Mallory finds an injured hound in her barn, surrounded by its very angry pack.

She makes a bargain.
In exchange for ending her husband’s life, she’ll help the pack find their way back to the hunt.

But Mallory has a secret.
And if the pack finds out, they might just kill her too.

**Teeth to Rip and Tear is a standalone paranormal reverse harem romance. It is a slow burn, with scenes of MM, MFM and MMF**

Counterpart (A Standalone MFM Ménage Paranormal Romance)

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Coming Sept 1st, 2023

Ivy Everless doesn’t have a counterpart.
She doesn’t have wings or fangs.
She doesn’t have another being living in her body, emerging at night to commit havoc.
Ivy is 100% human, destined to live in the Betwixt.
Between the city of Light and the city of Dark.

Ivy has a plan.
She’s going to be a doctor.
She’s going to finally escape her alcoholic father,
and leave the Betwixt behind.

When a quiet shift at her night job goes bad, Ivy is called up to save one of the Dark,
a man with a counterpart so dangerous he should come with a warning.

Being tangled up with counterparts wasn’t her plan. She’s just a normal human.
Human by day, human by night.

But when one of the Light thinks that Ivy has something to do with a murder in the Dark,

Ivy finds herself caught between the man she saved and the man that wants her to rot in prison.

**Counterpart is a MFM #whychoose Ménage romance.**