Review: Faking it series by Chloe Walsh


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I am addicted to Chloe Walsh’s writing. I love her Carter Kids series and absolutely devoured the Broken series. So when this first book of this series: ‘Off Limits’ went on sale, I didn’t hesitate. My only gripe was that it wasn’t long enough. I wanted more.

Adriana is an innocent girl and Nate is a boy from the trailer park on the wrong side of the tracks. This book has all of the trademark turmoil that Walsh is known for. The teenage angst and parental drama. I love this series, have inhaled the first two books and wait on tenderhooks for the rest to come down the pipe line.

Chloe Walsh has done it again with this sexy, desperate, devastating, YA romance.

Five out of five Ms Walsh. Everything this author writes is gold.

“Adriana is the privileged daughter of business mogul, Clive Davis, and town socialite, Liv. Blessed with wealth, beauty, and a football hero older brother, to the outside world Andi looks like the quintessential daddy’s little rich girl, but looks can be deceiving.

The truth is Andi’s life is far from perfect…”


M x

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